We now offer Interior Design

archall architects proudly announces the addition of an in-house Interior Design Department which will be led by Interior Designer, Stephanie Schlegel.

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In Multifamily Design, Teamwork Really Does Make the (client's) Dream Work

The words “team” and “collaboration” have certainly evolved in our profession over the years.  We sometimes like to oversimplify the building process and just think of owner + architect + builder.  In actuality, many more creative heads must come together to bring a successful project to life.

When life hands you lemons (or a Virus)...

The world has become a strange place during the COVID-19 pandemic with social-distancing practices and remote working in full effect for most of the United States.  Boredom, desperation, and panic are common reactions to the changes we have had to react to.  Budgets are tight and hard decisions must be made. Unforeseen circumstances have led to unforeseen situations for all of us.  We knew things were getting real when Amazon was out of everything except for hats made for looking like a botched mansquid (Update: These are all out too now…!)  

WFH in the Time of Covid-19

As an architecture group, much of what we do revolves around collaboration, communication, and impressive amounts of coffee. So when we got the word that the progression of the coronavirus was forcing some companies around us to take their workforce offline, we knew that would hit us hard if we didn’t do something about it while we had time.