April 29, 2020

When life hands you lemons (or a Virus)...

...find a way to make the most of it!

December 5, 2020
Adam Scott

The world has become a strange place during the COVID-19 pandemic with social-distancing practices and remote working in full effect for most of the United States.  Boredom, desperation, and panic are common reactions to the changes we have had to react to.  Budgets are tight and hard decisions must be made. Unforeseen circumstances have led to unforeseen situations for all of us.  We knew things were getting real when Amazon was out of everything except for hats made for looking like a botched mansquid (Update: These are all out too now…!)  

Even so, there are some people who have risen above the chaos to help others get the resources they need to have a safer journey through this bizarre season.  One such person is our own Administrative Assistant Cindy Gilmore who has decided to help a couple other companies get face masks made for those who need them most! Essential front-line workers who provide services we need most during quarantines and distancing. And how, you ask?  She *MADE* them... all by herself... in her home... After hours!  And I thought I was lazy for sleeping in 30 minutes for not having a commute...

So, how this mask-making happens:

Cindy starts her tailoring with 100% cotton from T-shirts, sheets and and other specialty fabrics when it’s available. The supplies were somewhat hard to get with everything already sold out. The solution required creativity, like Improvising elastic from hair ties for some masks.

To accomplish this, she rounded up some of the Archall crew as well as friends and family to help gather materials and supplies. This was going to be a huge undertaking and getting the supply-chain sorted was going to be tricky! All hands on deck!

The group effort here was marvelous!

She creates her masks with layers to improve air filtration and gets to work measuring and cutting. The colors and patterns make these masks as nice to look at as they are comfortable to wear!  

When life hands you lemons, return them and exchange for fabric and make face masks—That is what we are out of right now.

She has patterns made for both male and female. Once she has the pieces cut, bindings mapped and casing allotted, she begins the sewing. With skill and the attention of the perfectionist that she is, Cindy affixes the fabrics with elastic cord to create high-quality masks with hand-stitched closures.  It has been her goal to make 25 per day for a total of 500 over the course of a few weeks. She also delivers them to the companies to for their convenience.  

In summary, it is easy to loose sight of the big picture when it costs us to do what we know is right. Our comforts, conveniences, luxuries... even just our moods are not being catered to appropriately. Some of us will just get through this as best we can with as little damage done as possible. And there will be those who actually make the most of it. Those who hibernate in their houses, and those who make life better for others in some way. Our dear Cindy Gilmore is one such person.

Whether it is shacking up in a small apartment with no work to do or doing essential work with high levels of stress and pressure for one reason or another. We all have a choice, and who  we can positively impact is possibly the most important metric we have during this pandemic season.

We are so glad to have people like Cindy on Team Archall!

Cindy and Oatis

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