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Create the perfect first impression with stunning design and architecture. Hiring the right architect is key to creating eye-catching facilities that will draw in customers. Hiring Archall is hiring a Columbus architecture firm with unparalleled experience automotive, multi-family, and commercial design.

Archall’s team of expert architects and designers build relationships with businesses to understand our client’s vision and create a balance of style, flow, and functionality for the space. We give businesses aesthetically stunning storefronts that attract and welcome new customers. Let us work with you to bring your next project to life.

Dedication and Care

Chairman Mike Fitzpatrick and CEO John Oney have built a successful company with a personable roll-up-you-sleeves attitude, incomparable attention to detail, and an unwavering dedication to each and every client. Archall’s mission is to create valuable personal relationships with every business we work with. Our dedication to our clients and craft has garnered attention from countless businesses in varying industries. After 40 years in the business and nearly 2,000 projects, Archall is obsessed with completing good work and forming lasting relationships.

With a dynamic new building, a killer portfolio, and an infusion of fresh and energetic leadership, we are poised to showcase our creative design savvy made possible by our talented team. After 40 years in architecture, we plan to continue our legacy by helping more Columbus businesses get the designs they envision.

Archall, a Leader in Auto Dealership Architects

Archall knows the the automotive industry and produces designs that are modern, versatile, and inviting. One of our proudest achievements is having developed the second largest Honda dealership in the United States. This facility is located off of one of the busiest freeways in Minnesota and spans approximately 166,000 square feet. Given the scope of this facility, we gave careful consideration to energy usage. We installed LED, radiant heating and waste oil burners to maximize energy efficiency.

Columbus car dealerships can trust Archall to develop architectural designs that work to their benefit. Our mission is to give our automotive clients the most mileage for their budget.

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If your business is searching for reliable commercial architects in Columbus or the surrounding Ohio area, start a design conversation with the Archall team. We will work with you to bring your project to life.


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