August 3, 2020

In Multifamily Design, Teamwork Really Does Make the (client's) Dream Work

We keep seeing just how true this really is!

December 5, 2020
Brad P

The words “team” and “collaboration” have certainly evolved in our profession over the years.  We sometimes like to oversimplify the building process and just think of owner + architect + builder.  In actuality, many more creative heads must come together to bring a successful project to life.  Interior designers, civil, landscape, electrical and mechanical engineers, marketing and branding and facilities teams.…. and the list goes on.  We pride ourselves on bringing those great brains to the table on our projects and managing the deliverables of those partners.  This is the start of a blog series where we will highlight some of those teams.  

We have recently partnered with Schlegel Design Group on the Interior Design of several Multi-family projects right here in our incredible city of Columbus, Ohio. Schlegel Design Group is owned by Stephanie Schlegel, a designer with over 20 years in the commercial and residential design world.  They specialize in designing interior spaces that bring people together; amenity spaces, restaurants, offices, even major kitchen remodels.  They ask A LOT of questions up front… seriously…. A LOT!  But, according to Schlegel, they’ve learned the value of listening to clients up front to understand what’s compelling about their company and projects. “To dig into the guts of their brand and what the ultimate business and financial goals are for the project.  If we really know what’s at stake and who this project will serve, we can help create solutions and spaces that are far more functionally and visually appealing as well as successful to the bottom line.”

Schlegel Design Group helps us manage material selections of the units and amenity spaces, sourcing interesting and forward thinking products such as lighting, flooring, ceiling elements and graphics. We asked Schlegel to give us a few key trends they seeing from an interior design standpoint in multi-family housing.

“Interior spaces of multi-family properties must be functionality and aesthetically compelling to an ever-changing demographic of renters but must also meet an ever-growing list of renter demands.  Spaces must have:

• All the latest technology needs…duh!

• Updated materials.

• On site space for Coworking (hello Covid-19)

• Secondary “living rooms” (i.e. What was once a few bland sofas outside a leasing office now needs to feel like this incredible extension of their apartments where they can gather and entertain in style).

• AND… amenity spaces and lobbies must be COOL enough to show up on all the social platforms. #theplacetobe #liveinstyle

Schlegel works with us on all aspects of a project from unit material selections to amenity layout to the sourcing and purchasing of amenity area furniture.  They are the “Execution Gurus” of cool and functional furniture for these spaces.  

We’ve recently worked on a half a dozen projects together (Industry: Columbus, Waterloo, The Edington,  Adelphi Quarter, The MIll, Equitas Health, Industry: Pittsburgh) so you will certainly see more from this collaboration coming in 2021. Check out each of our Instagram accounts for all the latest and greatest project progress shots.  

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