Since 1976, we’ve been a part of thousands of success stories.

We’re an architectural design firm built on alliances. We’re driven to be the difference that enables your vision to become reality.

Architectural Alliance has a lot to share with 40 years of experience. We are a team, thinking critically with our clients. The work we create provides a unique vision with each individual client. We look to provide a thoughtful design and establish a long lasting relationship with our clients to do amazing work. Architectural Alliance is an established design firm with extensive commercial design experience with a focus on a responsive service and effective project delivery.

Our Story

Through the 45 years of practice, Architectural Alliance has made effective use of teamwork between design professionals and the construction industry. Our team is focused on enhancing efficiencies while maximizing quality and minimizing prices. We believe our clients deserve the best value for their dollar, and we work with every level of our organization to establish practicality and to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

We are a testament to the saying “there’s more to a name than meets the eye.” Here at ArchAll, we really do believe in a collaborative approach and want to work with you to establish a firm foundation upon which to grow your business and strengthen your presence thru building design. We are driven to be the difference that enables your vision to become reality.

Our firm is unique in that both of our founding partners are sons of General Contractors. Mike Fitzpatrick and John Oney came to this profession with applied knowledge of materials, buildings, and construction practices. In 1971, they opened shop as Fitzpatrick & Associates Architects, and in 1981 became Architectural Alliance. Their experience working through the common obstacles of the construction process has become the cornerstone of our commitment to creating purposeful design that functions productively. Their dedication to being difference makers for our clients has shaped our approach to every project.

On being the difference…

Over the years, Archall has built a history of maximizing teamwork between design professionals and the construction industry.  Our process is very straightforward and down-to-earth.   We don’t have a fancy system that will plug in your data and churn out a magical solution that meets your every need.  We roll up our sleeves, dig in to gain an understanding of how you work and what the significant issues are from your perspective and present and evaluate with you the creative options worth exploring to make the best use of your resources now and into the future.  Applying our knowledge of current construction costs and implications, we will help guide decision-making through every stage of the process instead of just tacking on value engineering at the end.

Archall will remain attentive and focused on your needs throughout the design and construction process. Every member of our team is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure your vision becomes reality.

We direct our design team to enhance efficiencies in order to achieve high quality for a practical price.  We believe in getting our clients the best value for their dollar and infuse practicality into all levels of our organization in order to build long-last relationships.