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For over 100 years the iconic Fireproof building has been a staple of the Short North. The flagship building was constructed in 1909 and gave Fireproof Warehouse and Storage their first permanent home. At that time, the company stored heirlooms, furs, and other goods for the residents of Columbus. Horse-drawn carriages carried these items to and from the storage facility. Over the years, Fireproof was able to expand their capabilities, until 1974 when Edward James transformed Fireproof into Ohio’s first full-service off-site records management company. Today, the files (both paper and digital) are stored in a new facility in Grove City.  Our design integrated street-level retail and an addition to the residential area of the building.  We prioritized retaining the integrity of the building’s historic signage and exterior aesthetics. 

Elford Development

Short North; Columbus, OH

Square Footage:
91,381 sq ft
5-Story Building
56 Units

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